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Hong Bao - Sub-group of Kreta Ayer Stamp Soiety

 Events 2008
 Avid Hong Bao collectors source for special ones from abroad

 Interview by Hasnita A Majid, Channel News Asia  
 on 9th  February 2008

Most recipients of Hong Bao usually look forward to what is inside the red packet. But for one group of collectors, the money envelopes alone are a source of joy.

Ms Connie Tai started collecting red packets some 20 years ago and she now has more than 10,000 red packets of different designs.

She said : " I choose mostly zodiac ones and of course, those that signify good luck. Cartoons for children are among my favorites."

Connie's red packets come from as far as China. Last year, she even started the Hong Bao Sub-group, under the Kreta Ayer Stamp Society. Connie, who is the group's chairperson, said that there are currently 12 members.

Friends who know of her hobby also chip in and buy red packets for her whenever, they see pretty ones that they know she will like. Among her collections are rare packets from the now defunct supermarket, Yaohan, and several merchant banks that have closed down.


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