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Stamp Clinic / Mr. Yap Teng Kee

  Mr. Yap Teng Kee
Present Post Held


Safety Supervisor
Age : 70 years old
Race : Chinese
Education : Chinese Senior Middle III, Senior
    Cambridge, GCE Advance Level
    Singapore Polytechnic 4th years
    Malay Standard I
Language : Chinese, English, Malay, Hokkien
    Teochew, Cantonese
Hobby :  Photography, Stamp Collecting (Stamp
    Postal History, Documents and Picture
    Postcards and View Cards)
    Coin collection

Post Held



  • Singapore Photo Art Association -- Secretary (One of the founder)
  • Singapore Philatelic Society    -- Secretary
  • Kreta Ayer Stamp Society -- Secretary and Hon Chairman (One of the founder)
  • Post Office Stamp Advisory Committee (1981)
  • Residents Committee Chairman (Yuhua)
  • Town Council Counselor (Yuhua)
  • Civil Defense Co-originating Committee (Yuhua)

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